LOGIN – Help

How do I login?

To be able to book a court or register for a class, you must first login. To do so, enter the following information in the corresponding textboxes on the Login Page:

·        Your Member or Club Number

·        Your PIN

Then, click the Log In link. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be directed to the Home Page.

What if I don’t have a PIN?

Your PIN is a separate login from the password that you use for logging into the Club’s website (www.arbutusclub.com).

The PIN is set by the Club.

If you continue to experience difficulty with your PIN, please call the Registration Service Desk at 604-269-8800 or Technical Support at 604-269-8800.

Can I change my PIN?

Your may change your PIN yourself after you have successfully logged in. Follow the link from the My Profile page after logging in. You can also phone the Membership Office for assistance.